Clean Energy: New positive dynamic towards higher targets must not be undermined by misguided 'flexibility'

Wind turbines © Michel Gunther / WWFEnergy ministers are meeting today in Luxembourg to discuss the Energy Efficiency and Renewables Directives and their 2030 targets, as well as the Governance Regulation. 

Imke Lübbeke, Head of Climate and Energy, WWF European Policy Office commented on the meeting:

"It's great to see that a growing number of countries have spoken in favour of higher energy efficiency and renewables targets. Unfortunately, some others keep hiding behind the word 'flexibility' -  a buzzword of today's Energy Council - to slow down progress on the Clean Energy Package."

"In fact, we need both: high targets and credible, strong measures to implement them, if we are serious about advancing the transition to clean energy in Europe.  To be in line with the Paris Agreement, the EU must increase its overall effort, as well as improve actions in all sectors, as soon as possible."

WWF had called on ministers to revise their positions on the target levels, currently 30% for energy efficiency and 27% for renewables.

The Energy Council's position will be taken forward by the Bulgarian Presidency to finalise negotiations in trilogues - scheduled for 13 June in Strasbourg - with the European Parliament, who is sticking to 35% targets for both efficiency and renewables. On the Governance Regulation the next trilogue is scheduled for the 19th June.

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