Labour manifesto: Strong on vision but thin on detail

Commenting on the environmental and energy policies outlined in the Labour manifesto, Greenpeace UK's Head of public affairs Rosie Rogers said:

"The Labour manifesto paints in broad strokes a compelling vision of our energy and environmental future, but there's little detail on how we can actually get there. If Labour can make good on their pledge to source 60% of our energy from zero-carbon or renewable sources by 2030, Britain could be mostly powered by cutting-edge clean technologies that would also provide skilled jobs, fairer bills, and cleaner air. Backing community-owned energy projects and ditching the top-down imposition of unpopular fracking is a smart move, and a new drive to insulate millions of homes will help cut energy bills too. But setting targets is one thing: hitting them quite another. The jury will be out until the actual policies come in.

“The promise to retain our vital environmental safeguards after Brexit will be welcomed by many, including Conservative voters, as will more support for small-scale sustainable fishermen and the proposed Clean Air Act. Helping the UK become a leader in the manufacture and use of electric cars will have huge benefits, but to really tackle air pollution we must get to the root of the problem, diesel, and the manifesto has little to say about it. 

"It all sounds promising, but to convince voters this is more than just a wishlist of popular measures, Labour will need to show they have sound policies to enact them."

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