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EU renewables deal will hurt climate and forests

Psalm 29: ‘The God of Glory Thunders’ by Rev Keith Innes

Psalm 29: ‘The God of Glory Thunders’ God’s glory dominates this Psalm (Psalm 29:1, 2, 3, 9).

CFBoA June 2018 Newsletter

Scotland makes strong progress on cutting climate emissions

Responding to the news that Scotland has met its statutory annual climate change target for the third year running [1] Tom Ballantine, Chair of Sto

Clean Energy: New positive dynamic towards higher targets must not be undermined by misguided 'flexibility'

‘Travelling Light’

JRI is pleased to announce the publication of Briefing Paper number 36.

Intercession for the 10th Sunday


Member States can increase EU renewables & energy efficiency ambition


InvestEU fund: sounds good, but devil will be in the detail

Spokes Bulletin 131 … Edinburgh’s cycling future

Our Summer 2018 Bulletin is out … with new research on why Edinburgh has outstripped the rest of Scotland in boosting cycle use, but hints that thi


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John Ray Initiative:

Every Common Bush Afire Creationtide Week Four This is the fourth week of a series of daily...

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland:
Today (Wednesday 19th September) people from all walks of life, from Inverness to Paisley to Ab

Being able to cycle more (9 people); feeling safer or more confident cycling (8 people); feeling...

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